We look at each streamer's past 3 months of streaming history to determine if they are a good fit. More specifically, we look at hours streamed and average concurrent viewers to determine if a streamer is eligible to join our network. We prioritize quality, not quantity.

Our marketplace is built on trust. We have high eligibility requirements, and work very closely with each streamer to ensure your game key is used honestly. If a streamer is issued a game key and does not stream the game, they are banned from our marketplace.

This is entirely up to you. You can use Pixels to find a single perfect partner for your game, or run a campaign with 1000's of streamers to boost your visibility on Twitch. We have a large and diverse network to cater to your game's specific needs.

We have viewer caps in place to protect against abnormal viewer spikes, raids, and bots. We also track a baseline of average viewers per streamer, so you will know how many views to expect before partnering with a streamer.

Incentives vary depending on the campaign. Generally, each campaign offers a mix of game keys, promotion, and cash.

Yes. You can set a range of dates that you want your game to be streamed. Streamers will only receive incentives if they stream during your requested time.

During your campaign, you receive analytics about your game on Twitch, which includes how many unique viewers saw your game, and how many view-hours your game was watched for. You also receive access to game clips, videos uploaded by each streamer, and Twitch chat logs to see what viewers are saying about your game.

We offer two types of campaigns: automated and approval-based. Automated campaigns will issue game keys to qualified streamers immediately, which saves you time and money. Approval-based campaigns allow you to approve individual streamer requests, which gives you control over who you partner with.

Yes. You can search through our database and filter based on channel views, average concurrent viewers, engagement, preferred game genres, and more. You can send specific offers to streamers of your choice.

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